Spiders from Mars

Gustavo Espinosa

Author: Gustavo Espinosa

Title: Spiders from Mars

Genre: Novel

ISBN: 978—9974-699-13-7

A tragicomic and passionate story: an endearing literary testimony set in the interior of the country during the 1970s. The main character, Quique, is a young guitarist who gets involved in a wretched show, dazzled by creatures such as the Trovero and the sensuous Viali Amor. It all happens in the area of Treinta y Tres, while throughout the country the fascist frenzy gets worse. The music of
country singers and glam rock can be heard, announcing the advent of the Monster of London, the Black Spider and other bizarre specimens who will put an end to the dictatorship.
The author’s prose goes from black comedy to tragedy, from the most profound bitterness to the most jarring monstrosity, thanks to his remarkable poetic sensitivity.

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