Rincón de la Bolsa

Nicolás Peruzzo & Gabriel Serra

Author: Nicolás Peruzzo & Gabriel Serra

Title: Rincón de la Bolsa

Genre: Graphic novel

Estuario/Belerofonte/Ninfa Cómics

ISBN: 978-9974-91-226-7

1st. edition 2016

16 × 23 cm. 56 pp.

Nicolás Peruzzo is a script-writer, illustrator and editor of Ninfa Comics as well as co-editor of Bandas Educativas. He has published the graphic novels Stories from the City of Fructuoxia; Froggies: Catharsis & Rock ’n’ Roll; Moving Out/Moving On; Brad’s Pit; and Rincón de la Bolsa.

Gabriel Serra is an illustrator and graphic designer. He illustrated Stories from the City of Fructuoxia; Winter; The Erotic Adventures of Vlad Tepes; Rincón de la Bolsa; and two chapters for Bandas Educativas: Artigas as a Young Man.

For decades, the textile Company Larsen was the social and economic motor driving the small town of Rincón de la Bolsa. When it closed down, five years previously, it was a near-terminal catastrophe for the town. However, the arrival of Jaime Moleda to audit Larsen’s properties awoke all sorts of hopes and speculations among the inhabitants.

Here Nicolás Peruzzo and Gabriel Serra compile and expand the graphic novel published in installments in the monthly magazine Lento.

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