Love’s Labours

Damián González-Bertolino

Author: Damián González-Bertolino

Title: Love’s Labours

Genre: Novel

Cosecha Roja. Estuario editora

ISBN: 978-9974-720-14-5

1st. edition 2015

12 x 19 cm. 288 pp.

Damián González-Bertolino (Punta del Este, 1980)

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Morales and Toto, two small-time crooks, receive an assignment from their boss: to take a stiff from the motel where he died to his home and lay him on his bed before his wife returns from a trip. It sounds easy, but these men are marked by misfortune. On a hot summer night they will drive with the body in the boot of the car and get involved in a night-long odyssey through the streets of Maldonado and Punta del Este.
In this novel, González-Bertolino explores the background of crime, highly aware of the world in which he grew up, a place with no room for certainties, full of dissonant voices, but where there is still room for dreams.
Love’s Labours is, according to recent reviews, the best novel of one of the most relevant authors among the younger generation of Uruguayan fiction writers.

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