Family Life

Felipe Polleri

Author: Felipe Polleri

Title: Family Life

Genre: Fiction

Criatura editora

ISBN: 978-9974-8533-5-5

1st. edition 2016

13,5 × 21 cm. 88 pp.

Felipe Polleri (Montevideo 1953) is a graduate of Library Science, and worked in the National Library for many years. He published his first novel, Carnival in 1990 and in 1995 he resigned from his job to devote himself to writing. Since then he has worked for the El País Cultural supplement and has written more than ten works of fiction. Some of his work has been translated into French, Italian and Portuguese.

Family Life is a strong dose of Polleri who disconcerts with his delirious lucidity, pure and unsweetened. In this collection of stories the author uses the reader with singular violence, applying the same kind of aggressiveness as his characters when they believe that opening someone’s head with an axe is an expression of their love for humankind, that it shows respect, that it is an attempt at apprehending human dignity.

Family relationships are the focus, but not the only objects of attack. All that is sordid, and terrible, the crudeness and pettiness of real life is flung about like a fragmentation grenade; the rotten shrapnel of human baseness expands and infects the universe of this book and beyond it. Polleri is a weapon of mass destruction.

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