Belated Invention

Horacio Cavallo

Author: Horacio Cavallo

Title: Belated Invention

Genre: Fiction

Estuario Editora

ISBN: 978-9974-720-20-6

1st. edition 2015

12 x 19 cm. 132 pp.

Horacio Cavallo (Montevideo, 1977). His published works of fiction include the collections of short stories El silencio de los pájaros (Silence of the Birds, 2013; National Prize for Fiction 2015), Ashes (2011) and Piano solo (2011), and the novels Fabril (2011; Contest Funds winner 2009), Rag Bear (2008; Municipal Prize for Fiction, 2007) and Belated Invention (2015). Among his poetry are The Forgotten Morning (2014), Descendants (2012) and The Flute’s Surprising Mishap (2006; National Prize for Fiction, 2008). Among his books for children are Freatures (2014), The Hunchback with the Huge Wings (2012) and Clementina and Godofredo (2011).

“A young man is looking for his father, a writer who left behind a small but magnificent oeuvre when he died before he was 50. He searches for him in the company of a young woman who is writing a thesis on his father’s work, on the writer and father deconstructed by silence and time. Both, the son and the young woman, jointly approach the task of collecting pieces, putting together an intricate jigsaw puzzle, to retrieve a memory which is almost lost, while at the same time facing the task of constructing their own insatiable and tortuous relationship” (Hugo Fontana).

“A novel dealing with the impossibility of keeping back something or someone. An obsession with reconstructing an idolized father-figure and justifying a deluded love affair. The protagonist’s journey is imposed on the reader as a voyage of psychological terror slowly plotted around the triple abyss of memory, creation and love” (Mercedes Estramil).

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